University Admission Consulting

University Admission Consulting

University choice, visa application process, embassy interview questions and preparations are every international student’s nightmare when deciding to study in the U.S.

Start by filling up our application below and one of our educational consultants in the U.S will contact you for an interview.

In this interview, we will discuss your goals, educational level and educational goals. We will then explain the requirements for university admission, the costs of studying in USA and how to legally work while studying.

The services we provide:


University Admission

  1. Prepare university requirements, recommendation letters, and statement of purpose.
  2. Evaluate and translate certificates to comply with the American educational system.


Embassy Interview Preparation:

  1. Fill in the embassy application accurately.
  2. Prepare interview’s essential and optional documents supporting the embassy application. These documents’ sole purpose is to prove the student’s intention to return to home country upon completion of her/his studies.
  3. Train the student on 80 possible questions for the embassy interview and their ideal answers based on the type of university admission he/she received.


After arriving:

  1. Receiving students at the airport and provide help with accommodation.
  2. Educate students about living-cost, transportation system and legal work during studies.
  3. Help students obtain a personal identification number, driver’s license for vehicles and open a bank account to study in USA.