Letters Of Recommendation Writing

Recommendation Letter Writing Services

Did you know that all Kesan Educational Services’ writers are graduates of prestigious U.S. universities like Harvard, Yale and Columbia University?Our writers have spent countless hours with admissions officers at universities in the U.S.

Recommendation Letters are very important when applying for a university in the U.S.they are no less important than a general secondary certificate or a bachelor’s degree. They shouldbe precise and concise to prove your eligibility as a candidate for the chosen program. Hence, they cannot be written by friends or relatives.

Recommendation letters summarize the experience of the recommender with the student, ex. teacher at school or your boss at work. Students often will be surprised that the recommenders will ask them to draft the letter on their own and submit it for review then send them to university.

Kesan Educational Services mission is to organize and analyze students’ ideas to professionally customize a relevant recommendation letter that ensuresstudents’ approval to the targeted university.

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